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Here, I’m trying to articulate a comprehensive narrative analysing the universe of The PhotoPerformer: a world of scattered activities motivated by an attraction toward the unconventional and the urge to change.

In 2015, after the completion of the 
Double Exposures book, a project made in collaboration with 44 performance artists, I felt the necessity to initiate a new type of collaboration, an inner exchange with an alter-egos, The PhotoPerformer.

While reflecting on my relationship with photography, I realised the medium is functioning as a ‘technology of seeing’ as a sort of engine of visualisation that affects the way I perceive, memorise and relate with others.

At the same time, photography is operating as a philosophical stage where I can explore my obsessions, perform my fantasies and confront my innate contradictions.As most of our inventions, photography mirrors and reflects aspects of human nature, so while I'm analysing the medium as a technology with specific characteristics, I'm investigating and exposing my paradoxical self in perennial transformation.

Influenced and inspired by Vilem Flusser and his
Philosophy of Photography, the PhotoPerformer aims to exercise photography as a counter-technology of seeing-otherwise, in permanent critique with its fixed positions and through its more recent project Unframing Photography by focusing on the problematic aspects of the medium as its most creative potentiality.

In particular, a performance of photography through a conceptual persona, not only can offer the opportunity to expose, deconstruct and transform my predominant, white, male, privileged perspective but more generally can provide a praxis of confrontation through which I can test and experiment alternative being. 


We need to consider how to redeploy technology against itself in a creative way to make possible new modes of free being.

Foucault, Ethics, 262

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