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A gesture of unity against the distance created by photography

On Saturday 17th of September I participated in a collective action with a group of photographers as part of the Creature Live Art Festival . Our instruction was to walk with our cameras on hand directing toward a middle point, a point of union. We decided to plan the duration of the journey of about 30 minutes but we could not check our watches. The idea was to walk as slow as possible, nearly reaching stillness (but never quite), and while concentrating on the viewfinder to record mentally any thoughts that came across our mind. At the meeting point we would sit down, discuss the experience and describe our recorded thoughts.

The place of the performance was called Union Square and it was next to the War Museum.

The 30 minutes become more then 1 hour, we all felt hypnotised, we all felt the weight of our cameras (of photography), we had a lot of time to connect with our body, we felt isolated but at the same time completely interdependent, we all felt very focused and aware of the surrounding,

I experienced a sense of not knowing or walking toward the not knowing. I though that the role of the photographer is to become an image. I felt like a point, a coordinate of time and space. I thought that it was impossible to stop thinking and in a way the image on the view finder was disturbing my memory. I felt like a tree. I felt exposed to the comments of the passersby. I was enjoying the wind as I was really hot inside.


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