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Intersubjective Photography

A visual interplay with others.

Intersubjective Photography involves a series of exercises and experiences aimed to imagine how 'things' can see photographically so to humanise them.

Rather than photograph a thing how can I photograph with a thing?

Seeing is a genuinely interactive experience that unfolds in intimate interplay both with the other senses and the things perceived (Gibson 1966, 1979; Merleau-Ponty 1968).

Far from being detached from any corporeal engagement (we cannot separate what is seen from how we see it), seeing is grounded in a dialogic relationship, an “inter-subjectivity” and “coincidence” between the perceiver and what is perceived, and thus involves an acknowledgement of the impact of the latter on the former (Merleau-Ponty 1968, 134–135).

Seeing does not take place in front of things, but always among them, in a situated perceiving where things not only draw our attention but where we also are made part of the visible, as if exposed to their “look” (Benjamin 2003, 338)


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