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The Fabricated body

The PhotoPerformer is a kind of training aimed to project a conceptual persona and connect with its limits.

Following the Brazilian anthropologist Viveiros de Castro’s concept of the ‘Fabricated Body’ (1979), the specific aim of this project/research is to spend a considerable amount of time as The PhotoPerformer in order to alter my consciousness and document the process of transformation.


Looking through the camera is equal looking at a distorted image of the world.

Privileging the action to the image is like freeing photography from the program inbuilt in any digital camera.

The union of the Body Camera with the Body Human is a total absurdity! But who said absurdity should not be reached and practiced?

Ultimately the function of all these exercises is to honour the unexpected, the fragile, the doubt, the ironic and most for all the Imaginal.

Can the camera allow us to strengthen a connection with our bodies?

Is it by sabotaging the program of the camera that we can stop controlling our bodies?


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